Student Enrolment Requirements

When a student enrols at Ashton International Virtual College, the student needs to ensure that they have the following tools to ensure that their learning journey is a smooth one

  • A computer or laptop – to access live lessons and other learning materials
  • A webcam – to have live, interactive lessons with the teacher
  • Microphone – some computers and devices do not have a built in microphone and the student requires a way to communicate with their teacher during lessons
  • Speakers / earphones – to allow the students to watch pre-recorded lessons and listen to discussions with the teacher and peers during live lessons
  • Printer – some assessments require the students to be able to write notes or assessments on notepad paper so that the teacher can assess their progress
  • Scanner (either a physical one or a scanning app on a mobile device) – the teacher may need certain hand written work or projects, produced by a student without the aid of a computer
  • A reliable internet connection. Progress for each subject requires an internet connection, and participation in Ashton International Virtual College will be impossible without a reliable source for internet connection.

Starting the enrolment process

Once you have made the decision to join our Virtual College, please click on the blue ENROL button at the top right hand side of the screen. You will find the application form which must be completed.
Please use an active email address enabling us to revert and supply more information regarding your enquiry.

After Enrolment

We are so excited that you have decided to join our Ashton family. Once you have paid the admissions fee, kindly forward the Proof of Payment to admissions@ashtononline.co.za. We will send you an entrance assessment for completion for purposes of assessing your English and Mathematics abilities.

After Entrance Assessment

Once you have received feedback on your entrance assessment you will be able to start your subject work. If you are in Grade 9-12, you will receive a form to indicate your subject choices.

The final step

Now that you have selected your subject courses, we will assist you in sourcing your textbooks and you can start your first day at Ashton International Virtual College.