About Us


Our Goal

Our Goal is to create and maintain an educational environment and build an ethos whereby Ashton International Virtual College is committed to:

  • Employ specialised, talented, committed and passionate staff capable of creating a stimulating learning environment
  • Providing holistic, well-balanced educational programmes that focus on the needs, aspirations and abilities of individuals. It will encourage all students to
    achieve to their individual potential, through self-discipline, meaningful independent learning and critical thinking
  • Developing life skills that are essential to an individual’s personal and professional growth and add value to society as a whole
  • Recognizing and appreciating the unique contribution of each student, member of
    staff and parent and inspiring students to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed.


Ashton International Virtual College aspires to foster a sense of belonging. Within this secure framework, respect for others, moral integrity and self-discipline will be established and maintained. In this way, the College strives to produce well-balanced children with open, inquiring minds and a proper sense of values – young people who will make a meaningful contribution to the society in which they live.

Mission Statement

OUR MISSION is to provide a balanced, caring and relevant educational experience ensuring that students achieve their full potential through exposure to a wide range of academic, sporting, creative, cultural, community and entrepreneurial activities. Ashton International Virtual College shall, at all times, endeavor to offer this complete education.

Vision Statement

OUR VISION is to nurture young talent by providing a beacon of education that will guide them to a brighter future.

Our Values

Ashton International College:

  • is a Co-educational College
  • celebrates diversity, and
  • aims to build trust and respect for the individual, community and the environment, thereby encouraging principled, responsible behavior,
  • encourages individual responsibility in the context of teamwork
  • strives to achieve excellence and instill the value of giving of one’s best
  • will endeavor to create a nurturing environment fostering an atmosphere where a sense of belonging to a caring family is created
  • will undertake open and transparent communication.

Keys to Success

  • A qualified, professional complement of staff with many years of teaching experience.
  • The Virtual College teachers also have daily contact with the students in the classroom and are able to adapt lessons according to the ever changing needs of the students, both in the classroom environment as well as those on line.
  • Ashton International Colleges, Ballito and Benoni campuses are both registered examination centers for our two worlds in one, IEB and Cambridge Curricula.

Our Approach

Live Lessons

Grade 4-12

Students are supported by the presentation of three live lessons per week per subject to ensure that students are progressing academically and interacting with other students of their age. This interaction with students and teachers facilitates critical analytical thinking skills and ensure students understand complex topics covered in the curriculum. Student classes will be limited to 25 students per Virtual Class which allows the teacher to closely monitor each student’s academic progress.

Linear and Flexible curriculum

The curriculum is set up in such a way that students can follow the logical flow of the prerecorded lessons and consolidation activities. The program also caters for students who join later in the year to work alongside their peers and also catch up the work that they have missed.

Weekly Work Program

Teachers have developed a Weekly Program for each subject which students are required to follow.  This will ensure that  each task is successfully completed and the year’s work has been covered in time for end of year exam prep week and all the  examinations.

Academic Progress

Students’ academic progress is monitored through the use of 1) self-grading quizzes which allow for instant feedback, 2) mini-tasks and assignments with detailed mark schemes which can be marked by the students and is discussed with the students in live lessons, 3) major assignments which are marked and moderated by teachers, 4) tests which are written at home under test conditions and 5) end of year official  examinations.

Students’ academic progress is also monitored by using an online check list that shows how far the student is in terms of working through the year’s course work.

Study Materials

All course material is provided to the students and is available online. Cambridge endorsed textbooks are used as the primary source of learning material. Parents and Students will be issued with a textbook list for each grade.

Exam Preparation

As part of the work program, the students will have a revision program allowing the students to fine tune their examination skills. The week before the External Cambridge Examinations take place, students will have the opportunity to enroll in an Exam Preparation Week either at the Ballito or Benoni Campus to ensure that the students are Exam Ready.

A note from us

Ashton International College prides itself in being ‘Uniquely Different’ and the school of choice. There are many children throughout South Africa and beyond our borders, who will never have the opportunity to be an Ashtonian. We often hear of parents wishing they could enroll their child at Ashton to receive an excellent education.  This was not an option for various reasons; they live too far; or they work in the opposite direction and cannot make alternative plans to get their child either to or from school; or simply because they cannot afford it. There are also parents who have children who are talented in other fields, and have chosen to pursue a career in various sporting codes and are unable to attend a school on a full time basis. The most recent reason for not sending a child to school is related to the fear and uncertainty around the COVID19 pandemic. 

Ashton International Virtual College will offer every child the opportunity to obtain an Ashton Education – the obstacles no longer exist. Ashton International College has, since its inception 21 years ago offered a “Two Worlds in One” education experience running the IEB and CAIE curricula side by side, with specialist teachers. Now Ashton International Virtual College, continues to offer the “Two Worlds in One” education experience by the collaboration of the physical campuses alongside the Virtual Campus.  Ashton Virtual College offers CAIE for Grade 4-12 with the aim of introducing the IEB curriculum in the not too distant future. 

Distance education is often viewed with much negativity because it is different to the “standard” or “normal” methods of education that society has become accustomed to. Times are changing and so are the students, which means that education needs to adapt as well as staying abreast of this ever changing world. Ashton International Virtual College does not aim to replace the traditional schooling system, it simply aims to modify the system to meet the needs of a larger number of students striving for Excellence in Education.

Deneil Botterill